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About SBI

Our solutions go beyond 'executive learning'; we empower people to solve organisational challenges through consulting and co-creation.


Get Ready for LeaderSHIFT

We consult with and guide our clients towards the answers they need and the outcomes that they intuitively know are appropriate for their projects. Through customised simulations and immersive learning methods, we combine research-based evidence with practical application of learning insights. 

SBI defines and co-creates "Discovery” as part of the consulting engagement.

Discovery: This is a highly consultative phase of exploration and co-creation and serves as a catalyst to find the right solution for a distinctive environment. The post pandemic world@work has brought unique challenges and opportunities, and what is being solved, must be at the level of origin.


The internal exploratory process co-evolves and unlocks the answers already present in your organisation and the co-created design, development and delivery will meet the organisational and individual needs with measurable outcomes and visible impact. 

Our solutions go beyond 'executive learning'; we empower people to solve organisational challenges through consulting and co-creation.

What Makes SBI Unique?

  • We co-create a customised leadership experience, tailored to the organisation's needs as a trusted and valued implementation partner. 

  • Our learning initiatives can easily be incorporated into the organisation's current learning initiatives. 

  • We offer academic integrity that seamlessly integrates into an experience-based journey to entrench new behaviours and redefine “LeaderSHIFT.” 

  • We shape and co-create experience-based solutions for real-world sustainability. 

  • We have a specialised focus on the development of women, and offer unique niche topics which are future focused. 

  • Our goal is to demonstrate insight generation for leaders so that they can take action for a return on investment.

What Drives Us

Our Purpose

SBI (Stellenbosch Business Institute) is a catalyst for change and an architect in customised executive learning, creating learning journeys that enhance how leaders think, shift, and adapt.

Our Values

Our fundamental belief is to co-create by harnessing the power of the collective and ignite agility and adaptability to transform organisations. 

SBI and The DaVinci Business School

Stellenbosch Business Institute is an operating division within The DaVinci Institute, and together they are changing the face of executive learning.

There are a number of accredited qualifications available at The DaVinci Business School, ranging from a Higher Certificate to a Doctoral Degree.

The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management (Pty) Ltd is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997. Registration No. 2004/HE07/003

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