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Design Thinking

Our expert educators will guide you through a hands-on, interactive experience that will teach you the fundamentals of design thinking, a human-centered approach to problem-solving that fosters creativity and innovation. You will learn how to empathise with users, define problems, ideate solutions, prototype, and test ideas. These invaluable skills can be applied to any challenge you face, making it a must-have for any forward-thinking individual or organisation.

Design Thinking

What you will learn:

  • How to empathize with users and define problem

  • Techniques for ideating solutions and prototyping

  • Methods for testing and refining your ideas

  • How to apply design thinking to your work and everyday life

Why Choose Our Workshop:

  • ​Interactive, hands-on learning experience.

  • Expert educators with years of design thinking experience.

  • Invaluable skills that can be applied to any challenge.

  • A fun and engaging way to learn new problem-solving techniques.

  • Ideal for individuals or teams who want to drive innovation and creativity in their work.

Course Length:

2 days

Mode of Delivery:

In person, with your team, at your venue.  


Who Should Attend:

Our Introduction to Design Thinking workshop is perfect for teams who want to drive innovation and tackle complex problems with confidence. We will bring this short course to your organisation for a minimum of ten (10) people or more.

Next Intake:

The programme will run, based on the client's requested dates and the availability of our Educators. Please feel free to share possible dates of when your team would be available for this workshop, and we will plan to make it happen!

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and problem-solving potential? Enquire about hosting an Introduction to Design Thinking workshop at your workplace or organization.

Thank you for contacting us

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