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Our Short Courses

Stellenbosch Business Institute short courses are impactful, immersive and deeply rooted in Neuroscience to create SHIFT and IMPACT for your team.  Plug and play to your organisation's needs to fill critical skills gaps for the future world@work. These short courses can be implemented in your business immediately or serve as a basis for collaboration to create a customised short learning programme for your team.

Personal Mastery 

A Personal Mastery Immersive Experience to Ignite the Leader Within. This experience consists of a collective of 3 - 6 Immersive experience.   Each immersive experience represents a Personal Mastery Concept, which  emerges from the facilitation of deep conversation igniting the leader within.  
When strung together, the curated personal story will: Generate resilience and agility to navigate authenticity for SHIFT.

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Diversity and Inclusion

The WHY in D&I. Bias is rooted deeply in the unconscious. This impactful 2-day programme will assist in the understanding of unconscious bias and create self-awareness for shift, by using Neuroscience as the base. 

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This short course will enable you to have the right conversations, and make the right decisions supported by the numbers.  

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Future-Fit Project Management

Research suggests that all the future world@work tasks will be project based and all roles should have the basic understanding of Project Management principles.  The foundations of Project Management to be ready for the future world@work, applicable to all roles and levels in your business, ideal for groups working in a project-based environment. 

Design Thinking

A short course with hands-on, interactive experience that will teach the fundamentals of design thinking with a human centred approach to problem solving!  

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The 1 Week MDP

A short course ntegrating cutting-edge insights from neuroscience,personal mastery, and strategic thinking.

Management Development
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