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The 1 Week MDP 

Cultivating high-performing teams, innovative problem-solving and decision making via design thinking, and customer-centric strategies in a global context.

The Experience:

Integrating cutting-edge insights from neuroscience, personal mastery, and strategic thinking. Participants will embark on a transformative journey aimed at fostering high-performing teams, innovative problem- solving and decision making through design thinking, and a customer-centric approach within a global context.

Emphasising systems thinking, this journey equips leaders with the holistic understanding needed to thrive in complex environments.


​This intensive 1 week learning journey is meticulously crafted for groups of middle managers from the same organisation, seeking to elevate their leadership in today's intricate business landscape.

Learning Process:

  • Master the Principles of Neuroscience: Explore the neurological foundations of leadership and learn to leverage brain science to enhance decision-making.

  • Achieve Personal Mastery: Develop self-awareness, emotional regulation, and mindfulness practices.

  • Cultivate High-Performing Teams: Learn strategies to foster collaboration, trust, and accountability within teams.

  • Harness Design Thinking for Innovation: Embrace a human-centered approach to problem-solving, fostering creativity and innovation.

  • Navigate the Global Environment: Gain insights into global trends, cultural nuances, and geopolitical factors shaping today's business landscape.

  • Champion Customer Centricity: Embed a customer-centric mindset, delivering exceptional value and fostering relationships.

  • Foster Strategic Thinking: Develop the ability to anticipate trends, identify opportunities, and formulate strategic initiatives.

  • Embrace Systems Thinking: Understand the interconnectedness of various organisational elements and external factors, to make informed decisions.

The 1 Week MDP at a glance:

  • Customised to client availability

  • 5 Days (Mon – Fri) 8:30am to 5pm or timing can be designed to fit with client schedule

  • A hybrid Learning experience

  • Certificate of Completion

  • We bring the journey to you

10 - 15 participants: R24 726 per participant
16 - 20 participants: R19 952 per participant
21 - 25 participants: R17 248 per participant
26 - 30 participants: R15 979 per participant

The Journey

Day 1: The Pinnacle of Trust - Harnessing the Neurons to enhance decision-making. Personal Mastery Immersion.

Day 2: The Elixir of Personal Mastery - Achieve personal mastery to cultivate a high performing team. Equine Immersion

Days 3 & 4: Design Thinking Tool for Innovation - Integrating Global Environment, Customer Centricity, Systems Thinking and Strategic Thinking.

Day 5: Infusion Day with the SBI Learning Process Coach, Storytelling for Sensemaking, Insights to Action


To harness the genius of the collective, the Genius Learning-Laboratory (LAB: Learning Applied to Business) is facilitated by the SBI Learning Process Coach.

MDP Educators

The SBI Educators, Thought Leaders and Learning Process Coaches that feature throughout THE 1 WEEK MDP are working knowledge experts in the learning and development and/or business space glocally (global and local) and are committed to sharing their expertise and practices that enhance the learning experience within THE 1 WEEK MDP.

For more information or to register your teams please contact

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