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Diversity and Inclusion

The WHY in Diversity and Inclusion. Bias is rooted deeply in the unconscious.


This impactful 2-day programme will assist in the understanding of unconscious bias and create self-awareness for shift, by using Neuroscience as the base.  

Why Choose Our Short Course?

This is a two day impactful Diversity and Inclusion intervention during which participants will gain an understanding of unconscious bias and experience self awareness.  SBI educators are leading minds within the Neuroscience field who are committed to sharing their expertise and practices in ways that enhance the learning experience. 


​Bias is rooted deep in the unconscious. By using Neuroscience to understand unconscious bias, participants will gain an understanding of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace and how that impacts personal thoughts and behaviours.​ 

On Completion of this short course participants will be able to: 

Participants will be able to understand unconscious bias and the impact on relationships and decision-making in the workplace.  By understanding these biases and identifying them, participants will be enabled to practise bias mitigation and strengthen work relationships. 

Course Length:

2 Days 

1 Individual pre-work assignment 

Mode of Delivery:

In person at a venue of your choice or virtual. Certificate of attendance. 


Who Should Attend:

The skills gained will be relevant across all businesses, and at all levels as this short course can be customised for your organisation. We will bring this short course to your organisation for a minimum of ten (10) people or more. 

Next Intake:

The programme will run, based on the client's requested dates and the availability of our Educators. Please feel free to share possible dates of when your team would be available for this workshop, and we will plan to make it happen! 

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