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Future-Fit Project Management

Research suggests that all the future world@work tasks will be project based and all roles should have the basic understanding of Project Management principles.  Plug and play with these practical, impactful short courses including future-fit skills to ready your team for the future world@work.

Why Choose Our Short Course?

Participants will be equipped with the basic understanding of Project Management as well as future-fit skills that can be utilised across the business. This will be achieved through short practical, impactful modules following a plug and play model to suit your business needs.


Modules include:  

  • Introduction to Project Management (1 Day)

  • Project Planning (3 Days)

  • Project Management in Practice, an immersive experience (1 Day)

  • Developing a Business Case (2 Days)

  • Resilience and Adaptability, an immersive experience (1 Day)

  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset (1 Day)

The world@work is changing and in the near future all work will become project based. Teams will need the foundationary Project Management skills together with future-fit skills to navigate all roles in a business. This programme will provide participants with short impactful interventions to navigate and flourish in the new world@work.​

Course Length:

Plug and play model, modules range from 1 - 3 days in-person facilitation.

Mode of Delivery:

In person, with your team, at your venue.  


Who Should Attend:

The skills gained will be relevant across all businesses, and at all levels as this short course can be customised for your organisation. We will bring this short course to your organisation for a minimum of ten (10) people or more.

Next Intake:

The programme will run, based on the client's requested dates and the availability of our Educators.  Please feel free to share possible dates of when your team would be available for this workshop, and we will plan to make it happen!​

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