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About Stellenbosch Business Institute

At Stellenbosch Business Institute (SBI), our commitment is straightforward - we aim for SHIFT and IMPACT. This means a shift in thinking and behavior, with a profound impact on your business. Grounded in Neuroscience, our consultations and designs acknowledge that you can't directly change someone, but you can catalyze those changes through impactful learning, resulting in significant positive effects on your business. 

Employing a consultative approach, we identify challenges and opportunities within your business. Together, we collaborate in co-creating learning journeys and outcomes tailored to your specific needs. 

Our Learning Journeys

Educators, learning process coaches, working knowledge experts, and other partners in the learning and development or business space, are committed to sharing their expertise and practices in a way that enhances the learning experience for everyone involved.  

We collaborate with top experts worldwide to offer our leaders an unparalleled learning experience. 

What Makes SBI Unique?

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“Stickability” for sustainability and measurable application:  
Neuroscience suggests that achieving "Stickability" requires participants to make a mental SHIFT voluntarily. 

Crafting Measurable SHIFT and Impact

When initiating a learning process, it is crucial for the approach to seem straightforward to participants and the brain, while the complexity lies in the modeling on the back-end to generate significant SHIFT and Impact.

Sensemaking for Improved Decision Making: 

Improving decision-making involves making sense of the vast amount of available information, benefiting oneself, the team, and the organization. Storytelling plays a crucial role in neuro-sensemaking.

Learning as a Process for SHIFT: 

SHIFT occurs when there is a focus on practical application and introspection aligned with a structured learning process. This process leads to the development of new mental models and a transformative mindSHIFT. 

Our Purpose

Stellenbosch Business Institute are catalysts for change and architects in consulting pathways and executive learning, co-creating processes that augment the way leaders think, SHIFT and adapt to disruption and the future. 

Our Values

Our fundamental belief is to co-create by harnessing the power of the collective and ignite agility and adaptability to transform organisations. 

Stellenbosch Business Institute is an operating division within The DaVinci Institute, and together we are changing the face of executive learning. 


The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management (Pty) Ltd is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997.


Registration No. 2004/HE07/003 

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