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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

SBI’s Finance for Non-Financial Managers suite will enable you to have the right conversations, and make the right decisions supported by the numbers. This practical offering allows you to, in real-time, understand financial statements and the levers that enable sustainable decision making in any role.  

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Why Choose Our Short Course?

Even though finance is not your core function, numbers drive decision making in business. Thus, having an understanding of the numbers will assist in gaining support for your initiatives and assist in your decision making. 

​On completion of this programme, participants will be equipped with the basic understanding of financial statements and what sits behind the numbers and to calculate various options to make decisions for projects, budgets and management initiatives.​​

The practical application of the numbers making the conversation and understanding easier. 

Course Length:

2 days

Mode of Delivery:

2 day in-person workshop, or 2 day virtual workshop depending on option selected.

Who Should Attend:

The skills gained will be relevant across all businesses, and at all levels as this short course can be customised for your organisation. We will bring this short course to your organisation for a minimum of ten (10) people or more.

Next Intake:

The programme will run, based on the client's requested dates and the availability of our Educators. Please feel free to share possible dates of when your team would be available for this workshop, and we will plan to make it happen!

Customise and bring this exciting solution to your organisation or request more information

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