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Your Ignition Partner in Learning

SBI (Stellenbosch Business Institute) are catalysts for change and architects in customised executive learning, designing learning journeys that augment the way leaders think about, shift, and adapt to disruption and the future.

What We Do

We collaborate with our clients in the creation of unique, future-focused, and sustainable business solutions that serve their needs.


Why We Do It

Organisations need fresh thinking and customised solutions for constantly evolving business challenges that are customised for their unique environment.

Leaders need to be equipped for the post pandemic future- we cannot operate with pre-pandemic thinking. We must anticipate the challenges of tomorrow and that requires a fit-for purpose solution.


Businesses need to know where to focus their energies and they require clarity on the way forward.

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How We Do It

We consult and guide our clients towards the answers they need and the outcomes they intuitively know are right for their project.

We use research-based evidence, together with the practical application of learning insights through customised simulations and immersive learning methodologies. ​

SBI defines and co-creates ‘Discover” as part of the consulting engagement. Which is a highly consultative phase of exploration and co-creation and serves as a catalyst to find the right solution for a distinctive environment.  

The post pandemic world@work has brought unique challenges and opportunities, and what is being solved, must be at the level of origin. The internal exploratory process co-evolves and unlocks the answers already present in your organisation and the co-created design, development and delivery will meet the organisational and individual needs with measurable outcomes and visible impact. 

We do much more than just provide executive learning. We offer a comprehensive solution that combines consulting and co-creation to help companies achieve transformation and solve their organisational challenges.

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Co-create and craft your unique solution to maximum impact with Stellenbosch Business Institute

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